Kirin J Callinan Exposed His Dick At The ARIAs And Yep, People Are Pissed

Slow fucking clap.

Kirin J Callinan

Sydney musician Kirin J Callinan is being roundly criticised this morning after flashing his penis on the ARIA Awards red carpet last night.

Callinan lifted his kilt to a group of waiting photographers on the red carpet at Sydney’s Star Casino last night, holding it up for a good few seconds before dropping it down.

Callinan, who has a long history of getting naked in inappropriate places, is now being widely criticised for the stunt, which comes in the middle of a nationwide discussion on sexual harassment and assault.

Just in case you’re wondering: yep, randomly exposing yourself to people who didn’t consent is sexual assault. An offence of indecent exposure carries a maximum prison sentence of six months.

And the bottom line is — it’s not funny, and it’s really fucking gross.