We’re Pleased To Inform You That Kira Puru Is Extremely Good At TikTok

From screaming Jimmy Barnes alarm clocks, to Kira savagely rating terrible comments left on her YouTube videos.

kira puru tiktok

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TikTok, perhaps more than any other social platform, can be a tough place for celebrities.

It doesn’t adhere to the laws of other platforms, where celebs can safely hide behind social teams to curate their feeds. Rather, the magic of TikTok is that is relies on people just…getting it. And if you don’t get it, or understand how humour on the platform works, it can be excruciatingly awkward.

Kira Puru is not in the latter camp. The ‘Molotov’ hitmaker only joined TikTok last month, with a delightful recreation of the Andrew press conference meme that went around a while back, but already her feed is the sharpest and funniest of any Australian artist.

Please, if you will, watch her recent video, which takes the ‘Things In My Home’ meme and injects it with a truly horrifying Jimmy Barnes alarm clock.

Or this, when she rates some of the more bizarre and fucked up comments that get left on her YouTube vids.

Truly, it’s all a very fun time. Scroll through some of our favourite vids below. Puru’s latest single ‘Idiot‘ dropped back in April, and she’s set to support Thelma Plum on the upcoming Homecoming Queen tour later this year — let’s hope COVID-19 doesn’t take that one from us as well.