A Bunch Of Aussie Musos Did Their Best Korn Impression And It Was A Wild Time

Never thought we'd hear Tones and I singing 'Freak on A Leash'.

tones and i korn impression kira puru tiktok

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As we’ve previously discussed at length, Kira Puru has one of the best TikTok accounts in the game. But now, the Australian musician might well have created her magnum opus, by calling on her musician friends to record themselves imitating Korn vocal lines.

Yep, Puru’s TikTok is one of those works of comic art that does exactly what it says on the tin. Asking everyone from Alice Ivy to Kwame to Tones And I herself, Toni Watson, to record themselves taking on the nu-metal icons, Puru stitches together a tribute to Korn Klassic ‘Freak on A Leash’ that might be the funniest thing anyone has ever posted on the app.

I mean, just watch, and tell me that it doesn’t immediately improve your day.

As to which Australian musician pulled off the best version of the ‘Freak on A Leash’ vocal line, personally I’ll have to go with Alice Ivy. Like Kira Puru says in the TikTok, it’s Ivy who goes the hardest, and the fact that she did it for a full minute? That’s what we call dedication.

Oh, and Puru has said that if her TikTok gets enough likes, she’ll make a part two. So, to borrow the favourite phrase of YouTubers around the world, smash that motherfucken’ like button, and let’s get more Australian musicians singing ‘Freak on a Leash’.