“Hoes Mad, Stay Mad”: Watch Kim Petras Pose In Front Of A Westboro Baptist Church Protest

The Westboro Baptist Church don't deserve our attention, but their protests do make for a great photoshoot opportunity.

Kim Petras

Rising pop star Kim Petras’s concert on December 1 in Kansas City was protested by LGBTIQ hate group the Westboro Baptist Church — but instead of letting it bother her, Petras decided to pose for a photoshoot in front of the group’s placards.

On Thursday 18 November, the WBC — founded by the late Fred Phelps, it’s believed to have less than 100 members — announced they’d protest Petras’ December 1 concert.

Before she was a pop-star, the German-born Petras made international news in 2008 at age 16 for reportedly being one of the youngest people ever to undergo gender confirmation surgery. Needless to say, the WBC, famous for their ‘God Hates F*gs’ signs, take issue with Petras.

Before the concert, Petras told her fans to pay them no mind. “This is my official statement on WBC picketing my show in Kansas tomorrow,” she wrote on Twitter, posting a video that said “Hoes mad, stay maddd, IDGAF”. “This is the energy I’m bringing n it should be yours too,” she told fans.

And it was: on the day of the concert, she posed in front of them. It’s high-level trolling, and a true delight to watch. Find both her original ‘statement’ and the photoshoot video below.

Most recently, Petras released the second half of Turn Off The Light, a Halloween mixtape, following on from Clarity, her debut album.

Alongside Doja Cat, Petras is one of the few pop artists who works continuously with producer Dr. Luke, who Kesha accused of sexual assault in 2014 and is an ongoing legal battle with. Doja is signed to Dr. Luke’s Sony imprint Kemosabe; it is unclear whether Petras is contractually tied to him too, as she is not officially on his label. Read our interview with Petras here.