Kim Kardashian Has Been Slammed By Eating Disorder Experts For Sharing Her Body Fat Percentage

The post comes just days after she promoted a "painful" skin tightening treatment.

kim kardashian

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Kim Kardashian, whose body has been  the blueprint for unrealistic beauty standards for years, has taken to social media to share her body fat percentage with her 327 million Instagram followers — and been slammed for doing so.

— CONTENT WARNING: The following article may be triggering for people with eating disorders and body image issues. —

The 41-year-old SKIMS founder shared her experience with a company called BodySpec — which does full-body composition reports — on her Instagram story, asserting that her bones are “stronger than 93-97 percent of people”. If you’re like me, you were probably blissfully unaware that bone density was something we should be self-conscious about, but here we are.

Kardashian’s post comes just days after she shared a close-up image of her stomach after undergoing a laser skin tightening treatment, which she described as “painful lol but worth it!”

She also made headlines after proudly announcing she cut all carbs and sugar from her diet to lose 7kg in order to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the Met Gala earlier this year.

Eating Disorders Victoria, an organisation that helps people recover from eating disorders, criticised Kardashian for “adding another yardstick” for vulnerable people to compare themselves to.

“For people with eating disorders, specific details around people’s weight, behaviours, food intake and so on can be incredibly unhelpful. We often use the term ‘compare and despair’, because that’s exactly what these kind of stats can lead to. Eating disorders tend to make people feel unworthy or not sick enough for help as it is — adding another yardstick for comparison just compounds this,” a spokesperson for Eating Disorders Victoria told Junkee.

Social media users have also been quick to slam Kardashian for her inappropriate story.

Considering the Kardashians have repeatedly promoted everything from appetite suppressants to “revenge bodies” on social media and their various television endeavours, it is unlikely that the backlash to the most recent incident will be enough to curb the problematic trend.

In the interest of not further promoting potentially triggering information, Junkee has decided not to re-publish Kardashian’s specific figures — which was made public with zero regard for its consequences.