A Kim Jong-Un Impersonator Has Crashed Scott Morrison’s Media Event

"Excuse me, you don't tell the supreme leader what to do."

kim jong-un scott morrison

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A Victorian man has reportedly crashed a media event hosted by Prime Minister Scott Morrison dressed as North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Un.

The man, who claims to go by the alias Howard X, describes himself as a music producer, political satirist and “the first professional Kim Jong Un lookalike” in the world.

Throughout the video, a member of the Prime Minister’s staff can be heard calling the stunt “one of the most offensive things I’ve ever seen on a campaign trail” before asking the man to leave the premises.

“Excuse me, you don’t tell the supreme leader what to do,” he responded.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is campaigning at a factory in the Victorian electorate of Chisholm on Friday morning alongside local MP Gladys Liu.

“I’m here to support (Chisholm MP) Gladys Liu. She supports (Chinese President) Xi Jinping and now she supports (Dear Leader),” the man said. There is no assertion that Liu supports either leader.

“Thank you very much for supporting this great, great candidate for the area.”

The man told reporters to “vote Liberal” if you want the Chinese communist party to control Australia. Junkee is not suggesting that a vote for the Liberal party — or any Australian politician — is a vote for the CCP.

Senate candidate Drew Pavlou has since taken to Twitter to claim responsibility for the stunt.

Victoria Police were called to the scene after the man allegedly pushed employees out of the way to enter the facility.

Victoria Police provided the following statement to Junkee:

“Police were told a man entered a private building on Ferntree Gully Road in Notting Hill and entered a secure area about 10.20am.

“The man left the building of his own accord and was later spoken to by police.

“Officers determined that no criminal offence had been committed.”