Key & Peele’s Spoof Of Obnoxious NBA Commentators Could Pretty Much Be About Any Sport

"We have both made careers watching adult men play a simple child's game all while being paid more than the President."

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Last night was the start of the NBA Finals. Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Thrillers in what seemed to be a very exciting first game, Jimmy Kimmel asked players to read their now-obligatory Mean Tweets, and Kobe Bryant is apparently still a person who plays this sport. That is literally all I can tell you because the internet can only give you so much and neither you or I care enough for me to look any further.

Of course, a whole lot of other people find all this very exciting. For the next week or so the US is going to be all-out crazy for it, we’ll probably be inundated with pics of Leo and Jay-Z being courtside buds, and that one guy you know who’s way too into basketball will be missing some work and wearing that obnoxious broad-rim cap more often.

To counter all this hype, Key & Peele have now given you an alternate (perhaps more honest) take on it all:

Even if you’ve never watched a game of basketball in your life, the idea of 50,000 fans getting ready to binge drink for a few hours while millionaires play a “simple child’s game” that grown men fawn over, sounds suspiciously familiar. On that thought: if you ever need to sarcastically commentate a game of football to annoy your friends who are diehard fans, this is a pretty great template to work from:

“Aaaaand the alleged rapist passes the big orange ball to the sweaty, legal giant and SAHSLAMMY the giant easily puts the ball into the basket making it look easy which — if you’re seven foot tall — it is.”