Kevin Rudd Dished Out Relationship Advice While On The Beers & The Footage Is Iconic

There's nothing more Australian than getting a former PM to tell a boy to not "f*ck around" with you.

Kevin Rudd TikTok cupid wingman

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Over the weekend, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd went viral for an iconic boozy cameo in a Queenslander’s TikTok.

While Twitter showed that Kevin Rudd was having his own “Safety Summit” dinner with Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins, people on TikTok were absolutely losing their minds over footage of the former PM’s tipsy relationship advice.

In a TikTok posted by Brisbane local Amy Short, Kevin Rudd acted as the ultimate wingman for the “serious sheila” as he told potential suitors to not “fuck around” in making Short their girlfriend.

“You should make this woman your girlfriend because she is a serious sheila. I think she would be great for your future,’’ Rudd says in the 10-second video that’s been viewed over 500,000 times in the last 24 hours. “So don’t fuck around.”

“Wise words from AUS ex-prime minister xoxoxo you should make me your girlfriend,” Short captioned the TikTok.

Explaining how the cupid moment came to be in a follow-up video, Short shared that the incident occurred on Friday night at a waterside bar, and that Rudd’s message was relatively unexpected.

After learning that Kevin Rudd was at the same location as her, Short asked the former PM if he would be willing to record a little video for her Kevin07 superfan friend, Cory.

Before agreeing to the request, Rudd allegedly asked Short if Cory was a boyfriend. When Short said no, Rudd did exactly what was seen in the viral video: pitched that Cory make Short his girlfriend. ASAP.

While some publications and people have described the fun little video as “bizarre” and “creepy“, calling Rudd a “potty-mouthed cupid“, the public reception to the TikTok has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Only relationships blessed by Kevin07 are real relationships,” one person wrote under the TikTok. “KRudd the relationship advisor.”

“If K Daddy is giving her the tick of approval then send her my way,” said another. “Kevin07 approved, where do I sign up?”

Meanwhile, others decided to just focus on how iconic it was that the former PM was clearly on the beers but still willing to record a quick video for the people.

“Kevvys had a few Bevvies,” noted one person. “Loose unit KRudd,” joked another.

Despite the mixed reception to his cheeky wingman video, a sober Kevin Rudd stood by his tipsy comments. The former PM even reposted the video to his own TikTok account and invited others to seek relationship advice from him, too.

“If you ever spot me out and about in Queensland, come say hi like Amy did,” he urged people looking for a wingman. “Hope it helps :).”