‘Kevin Rudd 2000’ Is Dead And Australian Political Life Has Lost All Meaning

A nation mourns.

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At 4:53PM this afternoon EST, the Twitter account ‘Kevin Rudd 2000’ sent out what appears to be its final tweet:

The surprise announcement has sent shockwaves through Australia’s corridors of power. For years, ‘Kevin Rudd 2000’ has been a beacon of journalistic rigour and wisdom in Canberra, telling the stories about our nation’s most powerful people that others were just too afraid to touch, and bearing witness to some of the most significant political events of modern times.

Kevin Rudd 2000 churned out over 3000 tweets, each one full of passion, high drama and backroom intrigue starring all your favourite characters: Garg Hunt, Scot Moronsen, Bell Sharten, Ablo.

Who will guide us through these troubled times? Who will hold our hand and lead us to’ards the light? Who shall quench our raging thirst, sooth our burning brow? Not Kevern. No more Kevern.

Goodnight, sweet Kevern. RIP in peace.