Kevin Andrews’ Latest Statement On Marriage Equality Is Honestly Just The Dumbest Thing


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We’re less than a week in, but we already have a contender for the dumbest thing said during the marriage equality survey campaign. (I say contender, because there will definitely be many, many more dumb things said before the whole show is over.)

Step forward, Liberal backbencher Kevin Andrews.

The ultra-conservative MP appeared on Sky News this morning to explain why he’ll be voting “no” in the upcoming same-sex marriage postal survey.

And the answer, apparently, has something to do with the strong feelings Andrews has for his cycling buddies. He likes them, but he doesn’t wanna marry them, so why should gays be allowed to get married?

If that doesn’t make sense to you, you’re not alone. Here’s the full clip:

Andrews seems to think that same-sex couples in committed relationships are just like him and his mates having a bit of fun on the weekend.

But while some of my fellow gays may share Andrews’ affinity for lycra, I’ve got news for him: my relationship with my partner is not the same as Andrews’ relationship with his cycling friends because, well, we fuck.

More than that, we share a house and a bank account, and we spend Christmas with each others’ families and spend the weekends together watching Netflix on the couch — all things that I assume Andrews does not do with his cycling friends.

As soon as Andrews spoke the fateful words, the verdict came in: this was some extremely dumb shit.

How good is the respectful debate!