An OnlyFans Model Shredded A ‘Good Morning Britain’ Guest For Justifying Padded Bikinis For Kids

"OnlyFans is an over-18 site, sweetheart. What I do for an over-18 site is completely different than giving a nine-year-old child padded breasts?!"

kerry katona good morning britain bikini

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Kerry Katona — former member of girl group Atomic Kitten, Celebrity Big Brother alumn and winner of I’m A Celebrity UK  — has slammed a Good Morning Britain guest for trying to justify “padded bikinis” being marketed and sold to 9-year-old girls.

The British breakfast show — that once employed controversial adult baby Piers Morgan before he quit by walking off mid-broadcast — continued their string of terrible decisions yesterday when the topic of padded bikinis for children came up.

With retailer New Look getting criticised for selling padded bikinis in their 9-15 rangeGood Morning Britain decided to bring on Real Housewives of Jersey star Tessa Hartmann and Kerry Katona onto the show to duke it out on the topic that needed no debating.

While Katona has been slammed in the past for her “bad parenting”, the former Atomic Kitten member was firm on her stance that trying to make children look older, and ultimately sexualising them, is wrong.

“I’m really gobsmacked,” Katona started. “I expect to see my nine-year-old, maybe in a two-piece with a bit of Frozen or wearing Trolls. Putting pads in a bikini for a nine-year-old child, I really do think it’s making them very self conscious of their bodies.”

“I wouldn’t want my nine-year-old child to say to me, ‘mummy, why are my breasts not like that other little girls?’ It’s so wrong, especially with social media right now as well. We’ve got filters, people looking at other peoples social media going ‘why is my life not like this?'”

“Children need to be children, and that is it. Are we going to start putting padded trunks for boys next at age nine? The world’s gone mad.”

Taking the opposite stance, Real Housewives star Hartmann argued that the padded swimmers were actually “on-trend” and “a really good thing for a body-conscious young teenage girl” stating that the whole point was about “choice”.

“It’s like anything in the marketplace, if you don’t actually want to buy it then don’t buy it. It’s like watching a TV program, you have a choice. We are decided to choose for ourselves,” Hartmann said.

As Tessa Hartmann passionately continued to assert that the bikini was actually good for young girls and their confidence, GMB host Susanna Reid demonstrated that the swimwear in question actually worked to give the illusion of breasts when viewed from the side.

It should be noted that New Look have defended their product, stating that they only sell products that are “age appropriate” with the foam cups being used to “offer structure… and to provide modesty for the wearer”.

But as GMB co-host Richard Madeley agreed with Katona and Reid that the bikinis worked to “sexualise nine-year-olds”, Hartmann decided to turn her attention on Katona and shame her for having an OnlyFans account in an attempt to defend the swimwear.

“Look there are a lot of things out there that sexualises children and are bad influences, like these social media sites like OnlyFans,” Hartmann continued. “When we talk about covering up the modesty of a nine-year-old who is a little self-conscious jumping into the pool… then I actually think it’s a great choice for a body-conscious young teenage girl.”

Gripping the sides of her sofa while desperately trying to bite her tongue, Katona eventually let go and just launched at Hartmann to absolutely drag her baffling stance that compared adults-only sites like OnlyFans to clothing designed to sexualise literal children.

“First of all, OnlyFans is over 18. No one is actually putting that to a nine-year-old child,” Katona interrupted.”Second of all, when I go on holiday to a resort with my children and there’s a bunch of strangers there, I am not going to put my nine-year-old in a padded bikini bra which is sexualising them not knowing who is stood there watching.”

“For me that’s almost like dangling a carrot in front of a paedophile,” Katona said, using a well-meaning but ultimately confused analogy.

Clearly striking a nerve with Tessa Hartmann, the Real Housewives then tried to shame Katona’s sex work by implying the singer’s children take nude photos of the singer for her OnlyFans account.

“But it’s ok that your teenage daughters take the photos of your naked pictures to put on a social media site, but yet you wouldn’t let them wear a bikini that covers their modesty?” Hartmann questioned.

“First of all darling, my children do not — my children do not take pictures of me naked, so whatever you’ve read there you got it completely wrong,” Katona immediately clapped back. “My children take pictures of me in a bikini or in my underwear. I’m a 40-year-old, darling.”

“That is an over-18 site, sweetheart. Why would a nine-year-old child be Googling topless pictures in the first place? What I do for an over-18 site is completely different than giving a nine-year-old child padded breasts?!”

Hartmann then tried to backpedal and claim that Katona should aim to be a role model, and that it’s sites like OnlyFans that are actually “influencing our children” because we “live in a modern age” where “everything is digital now”.

To diffuse the mounting tension, the Good Morning Britain host reeled it back in and ultimately sided with Kerry Katona’s stance that padded bikinis only work to further sexualise children — the very thing that Tessa Hartmann is complaining that OnlyFans does.

“Well I think the way [the co-host] held the bikini to camera on a profile shot completely disproves your point. It is implying that the nine or 10-year-old has developed breasts — and that’s weird,” Richard Madeley said before cutting Hartmann off from another tangent.

“I’m sorry it’s just weird.”

You can watch the entire segment in full below: