Keira From Bachy Just Got Busted Sneakily Using Her Ex Jarrod’s Netflix Account For A Whole Year

A new level of petty.

Keira Maguire Just Got Busted Sneakily Using Her Ex Jarrod's Netflix Account For A Whole Year

It’s an unspoken rule that when you break up with someone, they’re going to continue using your streaming logins. But Bachelor In Paradise alum Jarrod Woodgate is over sharing his Netflix with ex Keira Maguire, and called her out on Instagram. It’s a new level of petty, even for Bachy contestants.

Woodgate and Maguire, as a reminder, were Paradise‘s original success story — until they broke up a year after their season. Clearly things have soured since, with Woodgate last night taking to Instagram to name-and-shame Maguire and her current boyfriend, Love Island‘s Matt Zukowski.

“Public Service Announcement: If you think that your Netflix account is getting hacked by Russian spies because it keeps saying ‘continue watching’ to shows you’ve never seen… CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD,” he wrote on his stories (via Pedestrian.TV).

Woodgate then shared a DM he’d received from Zukowski, who had the gall to slide in and ask if he wouldn’t mind checking where the couple were up to in Michael Jordan docu-series The Last Dance, as they’d lost their spot.

“Hey mate, hope your [sic] well!,” wrote Zukowski.  “Just wondering if you could check where the last dance is up to on your Netflixs [sic] account as we were watching it and have forgotten where we were up too [sic]. Cheers brother.”

Jarrod Woodgate’s Instagram stories.

In the screenshot, you can see Zukowski’s DM went into Woodgate’s requests folder, meaning he doesn’t follow his ex’s new boyfriend — aka this message came out of nowhere.

You almost have to respect it. Almost.

Last week, Maguire was one of several Bachelor In Paradise alumni to criticise the show’s editing, calling the producers the “true villains”.