Watch The Western Australian Premier Lose It At A Question About Eating A Kebab While On a Run

"We're not making it unlawful to go for a run and eat a kebab"


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During a press conference about social distancing, the Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan had a fit of the giggles when he was asked a question about someone being fined for stopping for a kebab on a run. 

It’s been an intense few weeks with the “coronavirus” and “global pandemic” of it all, and there have not been many brights spots. It’s all been extremely serious, for good reason, and nobody has really had a chance to let loose and have a good old-fashioned crack up. That was until the WA Premier Mark McGowan was asked about an odd situation during a press conference, with a journalist using the example of an incident in NSW to clarify WA’s new laws. “In NSW, going for a run, stopped to have a kebab and was handed a fine. Will WA be handing out similar fines in that sense?”

McGowan responded “Find it hard to believe someone was going for a run and then stopped to have a kebab.” He is then obviously extremely tickled by the idea, and loses it for QUITE a while, alongside his sign language interpreter.

It’s hard to say why he found this so funny, but it was perhaps a bit of a tension being let loose. Or it’s like when you know you can’t laugh, so you can’t stop laughing, like in church. Or like in high school when someone was doing a presentation and instead of “spa and sauna” she said “spana and saw” and you got kicked out for laughing too much. Just a random example. To clarify the original question, nobody was actually fined just for stopping for a kebab on a run. A fine was handed out to a man eating a kebab on a bench, but according to the police, it was allegedly his third day of ignoring warnings. I guess the man really wanted a kebab. We’ve all been there! Never while on a run though.