Katherine Deves Says She’s “Not Going Anywhere” Despite Calls For Her To Be Dumped By The Libs

Deves made headlines last week over numerous transphobic comments.

katherine deves

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Liberal candidate Katherine Deves — who made headlines last week over past transphobic comments — says she’s “not going anywhere”, despite calls from within her own party for her to be disendorsed.

Deves apologised for her language last week after News Corp unearthed the now-deleted social media posts, but asserted that she still stands by her “advocacy”. However, a number of prominent Liberals — including NSW treasurer Matt Kean and MP Trent Zimmerman — have reportedly called upon Prime Minister Scott Morrison to dump her.

Kean publicly stated on Thursday that “there is no place in a mainstream political party for bigotry”. “Political leaders should be condemning the persecution of people based on their gender, not participating in it,” said Kean.

Following the repeated calls for her dis-endorsement, including a leaked email from NSW Liberal President Chris Stone urging her to step aside, Deves has issued a statement stressing that she’s not going anywhere.

“As with many seats across Sydney, how I was selected was not my decision. It was not how I wanted to come to represent you,’’ she said. “I want to echo the sentiments of our FEC President, that depriving you of that is against our values.

“Our focus must now be on taking the fight to Zali, and stopping a Labor/Greens coalition from ruining Australia.”

Morrison — who personally selected Deves for the seat of Warringah — didn’t share Kean’s view. “I don’t share Matt’s view. I share Tony Abbott’s view. I’m not joining that pile-on and she has learned from her experiences … and I have no doubt she will pursue these issues in a more sensitive way,” said Morrison. “As you are going forward as a candidate you need to know the things that perhaps, in your past, you shouldn’t be doing the same way.

“It is important she understands that and learns those lessons which she has.”

Deves has also received backing from former Prime Ministers Tony Abbott and John Howard, who stand by her despite her transphobic views.