Runway Models Walking Like ‘Kath & Kim’ Is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened

It's nice, it's different, it's unusual.

Kath and Kim

Runway models already look super goofy, walking like loose-hipped skeleton-warriors draped in $10,000 sacks. Thats why it’s refreshing that a bunch of supermodels at Milan Fashion Week have decided to take a leaf from the foxy morons themselves, Kath & Kim, and started power-walking down the runway.

A Finland/Paris-based fashion house named Aalto has wowed the entire world by making their hornbag models walk down the runway in EXACTLY the same style as Kath and Kel’s famous workout, the power-walk.

I mean, just look at these beautiful, rich, fools.

And now look at our beautiful heroes indulging in a little cardio — does it make me a crim, Kim, to keep myself trim?

Watch this entire video and think about how much money these pack of chunts are paid to walk like this.

Feature image via Aalto International/ Instagram