‘The Katering Show’ Just Dropped Their Second Season! Here’s A New Clip With Ronny Chieng

The whole new season was dropped on ABC iView this morning.

In a cruel twist of fate, fresh episodes of The Katering Show have been released on ABC iView this morning, when you are most likely at work or uni. If you’re not one of those people who can manage to watch entire TV seasons at work by artfully switching between tabs every time your boss walks past, you’ll have to wait until tonight to binge it with some wine and gluten-free snacks.

The Kates meanwhile, have already begun their own viewing party. “My hair looks good in that bit,” says Kate McLennan. “Tight unit.”

If you need a little taster to get to you tonight, we’ve also got an exclusive clip of the Kates cooking up a “Chinese, Malaysian-inspired traditional Vietnamese bánh mì” with The Daily Show‘s Ronny Chieng.

You can watch all of The Katering Show season two on iView now