Karl Stefanovic Has Apologised For Repeatedly Using Transphobic Language On ‘Today’

He has blamed ignorance for his use of the discriminatory slurs.

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This morning on Today, the show was abuzz with the story that a Channel Nine news crew had been mugged within hours of arriving in Rio to cover the Olympics. The aspect of the story that host Karl Stefanovic was fixated on however was not the trauma of his colleagues, but the fact that their attackers were “transvestites”.

During the conversation with reporter Christine Ahern, who used the word “transvestite” — although it’s unclear whether the muggers were transgender, cross-dressers or didn’t conform to either of those things — Stefanovic repeatedly used the word “tranny” and thought the idea that they were able to rob the male cameraman was hilarious, as he was “no stranger to trannies”. “He has fought off tougher, tougher trannies,” Stefanovic said.

The segment repeatedly referenced Priscilla, Queen of the Desert including a wanted poster with Hugo Weaving’s character’s face on it. “The other thing is Chris, I know that you have gone to see the police about this tranny,” Stefanovic said. “We have a confit made up and we know they don’t all look the same. Is that the tranny they are talking about it?”

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.03.07 pm

It’s common knowledge that apart from being a blatantly incorrect way of identifying someone (‘transvestite’ is not a term that is used anymore) GLAAD — and the vast majority of the world — considers the word ‘tranny’ to be discriminatory. How is this happening in 2016? On a nationally broadcast TV show no less?

This afternoon, Stefanovic has taken to Twitter and blamed “ignorance’ for his transphobic comments. At least someone has apologised this time? It will be interesting to see if further action will be taken by Channel Nine, then again, it’s highly unlikely any repercussions will occur. We’ve said it once and we’ll surely say it again: Australia has a morning show problem.