A Middle-Aged White Woman Is Being Dragged For Claiming That The Term Karen Is A ‘Slur’

"My dad is 1/8th Karen, so I’m allowed to say it."

karen is a slur meme

Back in November, an old man was dragged for suggesting that the term ‘boomer’ was the “n-word of ageism”. Apparently, not learning from that boomer’s mistake, a white woman has suffered the same fate for suggesting that the term ‘Karen’ is somehow also a slur.

On Monday night, British author, journalist and feminist writer, Julie Bindel, asked the question to her Twitter followers. “Does anyone else think the ‘Karen’ slur is woman-hating and based on class prejudice?”

In case you don’t know, the term ‘Karen’ basically sums up middle-aged white women who have a constant feeling of entitlement. Karens are often characterised by a want to speak to a manager, an unbearable amount of nosiness and a sharp-short bob.

Much like how millennials are grouped together and deemed lazy, entitled and responsible for the death of almost every industry, Karen is merely a term that generalises middle-class white women — something that is far from a “slur”, which is often something racially-driven and attached to systematic inequality.

Naturally, as soon as the tweet was sent, Julie was immediately dragged for her stance.

Considering that there has been a long history of these exact type of women targeting people of colour for merely existing, it’s hard for anyone to believe that the term ‘Karen’ holds any real power in oppressing middle-class white women. At least not in the way real slurs affect people of different religions, sexual orientations, ethnicity and races.

Sure, Karen is probably a little hurtful for those white women who fit into the Karen mould, but oppressive? Not likely.

But for Julie, and the other middle-aged white women who support her view, they believe that the term ‘Karen’ is offensive because it’s “sexist, classist and ageist.” Not really sure if people being classist against the rich is really anything to complain about in the current climate, but I guess for the Karens of the world, it is.

Maintaining the narrative that ‘Karen’ is indeed a slur, Julie then claimed that the term was “certainly used by enough white men for it to be morphed into a misogynistic slur.”

“The ageism too is a massive problem,” she continued. “I think countering racism with ageism is not great.”

To further the great Karen debate, a parody and right-wing troll Twitter account started a poll asking whether the word, which is “an equivalent of the n-word for white women”, should be banned on the platform.

As a result, people started to question the anti-Karen logic. Mainly, if the idea that the two words were actually at all comparable, why could Karen be written out in full but not the n-word itself?

Unable to be justified, the ‘Karen Is A Slur’ meme quickly snowballed. Trending on Twitter, people started sharing their justifications for using the word Karen — much like how white people try to legitimise their use of the n-word, despite not being part of the culture.

Being mixed-Karen, having Karen-type friends, and earning a Karen word-pass were all poked fun at thanks to baffling concept that calling someone a Karen is a slur.

So here are some of the best memes out there so far:

We’ve reached out to Karen — I mean Julie Bindel — to get a little more insight into her logic on this one.