Kanye West Is Reportedly Living In The Stadium Where His ‘Donda’ Livestream Took Place

We live in the weirdest timeline.

kanye west photo

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It wouldn’t be a Kanye West album cycle without one bit of extremely bizarre news, so here’s yourย Donda mind-scrambler — the rapper is apparently living in the stadium where he live-streamed the record last week.

According to reports, Kanye has set up both living quarters and a recording studio in the stadium, and is hard at work putting the finishing touches on the record.

Donda was rumoured to drop in the hours after the livestream finished, but again, Kanye being Kanye, the thing has been delayed, with internet personality Justin Laboy taking to Twitter to allege that it won’t come out for at least another few weeks.

The rapper is no stranger to making last-minute tweaks to his records —ย The Life of Pabloย got some late-in-the-day edits too, with the song ‘Wolves’ in particular going through multiple revisions.

But living in a stadium? That’s new. New and very funny: it’s extraordinary to imagine the rapper going full Phantom of the Opera and living in the halls of a giant stadium.

Not that he’s been living in total seclusion. On Saturday, the rapper emerged from the dark corners of the venue and wandered around a soccer game, still dressed in the clothes that he wore during the livestream.

Of course, as probably could be predicted, this new piece of news has become a meme online, with Kanye fans and critics alike noting the parallels to the Phantom of The Opera — reclusive genius, living in a venue, obsessed with art.

Like we always say around these parts: Kanye is gonna Kanye.

Photo Credit: @photosofkanye