Kanye West Painted Himself Bright Silver, So Naturally He’s Now A Massive Meme

"Telling my kids this was Silver Surfer."

Kanye West silver meme photo

If there’s one predictable thing about Kanye West, it’s his utter unpredictability.

One minute the rapper will be writing songs about getting his dick sucked and having a quick fuck; the next, swearing off profanity and insisting his collaborators go without sex while working with him. One minute, he’ll be claiming that slavery is a choice; the next, he’ll be forcing his family and friends to sit around and highlight the most positive words in the dictionary.

So on the one hand it’s surprising that the man has recently been photographed painted in full-body silver make-up. But on the other hand, it’s not surprising at all.

See, Kanye is currently making the leap over into the opera game — he’s already written and performed one full opera, Nebuchadnezzar. Now, a month after that lukewarmly received performance, Kanye has decided to try again, this time with an operatic tribute to Jesus’s mother entitled Mary.

Not content to merely write Mary, Kanye also appeared onstage as part of a silver-painted chorus. Thus, the now-very viral photo of Kanye, covered in silver, slinking balefully around the place.

Needless to say, there’s only one way to respond to material that bonkers: turn it into a massive meme.

Which is exactly what the internet has done, mashing-up the man with other jewel-encrusted celebrities, fitting him into a meme about the beginning and the end of the decade, and generally poking fun at the sheer extremity of the outfit.

As always, however, it’s Kanye who is having the last laugh on this one. Tickets for Mary went for $200 a pop, and sold out almost immediately. It’s like that other old truism about the world’s most outrageous rapper. Whenever you think that you’re managing to get one over on Kanye, always remember: he’s probably already gotten one over you.