Kanye West Has Extended An Olive Branch To Drake, Ensuring World Peace

It's over.

Kanye West

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Given there’s been a lot of feuds this year (seriously, almost too many to keep up with), you’d be forgiven for missing the icy detente between Drake and Kanye West.

For a quick recap: in June, Drake and Pusha T’s career-spanning beef spiralled out when the latter dropped ‘The Story Of Adidon’, a scathing track which lambasted Drake for relying on ghostwriters — oh, and revealing the Toronto rapper had a secret son. The whole thing undercut Drake’s planned reveal on Scorpion, his so-so album which dropped a week later.

‘Adidon’ was a response to Drake’s ‘Duppy Freestyle’, a track which took aim at both Pusha and Kanye — who became involed because he produced ‘Infrared’, a track on Pusha’s latest album Daytona which name-drops one of Drake’s ghostwriters, Quentin Miller.

Of course, it’s not quite as simple as that — we’re sure the internet’s new conspiracy theory suggesting that Drake and Kim Kardashian West had an affair isn’t helping things. There’s also the matter of West overshadowing Scorpion by releasing five high-profile albums on his label G.O.O.D Music around the same time, including two of his own.

But now, West has attempted to clear the air in a series of tweets, beginning by sending “good energy and love” to the rapper and saying he apologises for “stepping on your release date”.

West distanced himself from the Pusha T beef, saying he “never listened to either diss track” by the acts, and clarifying that he didn’t chat to the rapper about Drake’s child (which, assumedly means he was in the loop). He also apologised for releasing ‘Lift Yourself’ — that stand-alone ‘scoop-da-poop’ song — without consulting Drake further, since the two planned for it to be a collab song.

All in all, he says he’s on a “Jedi level” and will be heading to Drake’s national tour in the next week “to give love”. Can you feel it in the air?

Read the tweets below.