Kanye West Is Trying To Build Dystopian Domes For The Poor, And Nothing Is Going To Plan

It's not even the first time West has had dome-related drama this year.

Kanye West domes photo

Back in July, Kanye West announced he was going to build a geodesic dome housing project for people on low-incomes, inspired by those seen on Luke Skywalker’s home planet in Star Wars. But while building is currently underway on his 300-acre Calabasas estate, nothing is quite going to plan.

Dubbed ‘Yeezy Home’ by TMZ, who first broke the story, the domes were to “revolutionise housing” by “breaking the barriers that separate classes”.¬† They would supposedly provide affordable housing in the incredibly affluent Californian suburb where he and the Kardashians live. Fifty feet in size, the domes are an otherworldly version of brutalism, coloured in Yeezy’s trademark browns and greys.

The domes as featured in Star Wars.

Prototypes were up and ready in July, and it seems West has been busy building more.¬†Unfortunately, they’ve been made without approval from the council — and outside of allowed construction hours, with TMZ reporting that West’s crew were building late at night and across the weekend, which has restricted hours.

After his neighbours complained about late-night construction, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s County stepped in to tell West to halt construction. He was given the choice of getting his domes under law and order via applying for a licence, or tearing them down by September 15 — and he’s wasted no time with the latter.

But even West’s demolition has been illegal, continuing to be outside of adjudicated hours.

It’s not the first time West has had dome-related drama, either. Earlier this year, he reportedly pulled out of headlining Coachella days before the line-up was announced, due to the festival’s refusal to let him build a giant dome in the middle of the festival grounds.

As of yet, West hasn’t publicly commented on his dome issues, and it’s unclear whether he’ll continue to build his dystopic looking utopia.