Kanye West Forces Melbourne Burger Joint To Rename Entire Menu And Change Logo

"College Dropout Burgers will no longer reference or be inspired by Ye (FKA Kanye West)."

college dropout

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A Melbourne burger joint has been forced to rebrand after receiving a cease and desist notice from Kanye West.

College Dropout Burgers (CDB) in Ivanhoe has shaken up its entire menu, and will produce new imagery after the US rapper’s representatives threatened legal action.

In an Instagram post set to be archived this Monday, CDB said they “will no longer reference or be inspired by Ye (FKA Kanye West)” and “no longer assert that we are directly inspired by Ye or his music”.

The venue previously made no secret of its dedication to West — taking its name from his 2004 debut studio album, while also borrowing his famous teddy bear motif to sear into the burger buns and use as its logo.

Additionally, the menu riffed on references from West’s discography and personal life, including a spicy sauce named ‘North West’, and questionably, a fried chicken burger called ‘Zingers in Paris’.

Owner Mark Elkhouri noticed that the megastar was viewing College Dropout Burgers’ Instagram stories, but mistakenly took it as a sign of support and endorsement, telling The Age he believed West “was a fan of us” before the legal letter reached him last month.

It followed an earlier letter in February over the song-inspired burger titles, while the June chaser addressed a mural in his venue of the crowned bear.

Elkhouri has now pivoted to burgers dedicated to broad famous college dropouts — like Mark Zuckerberg, Brad Pitt, Prince, and Bill Gates.

“It was never about publicity,” he told Broadsheet. “The name isn’t just a reference to his first album, it’s about what we set out to accomplish. I wanted to change that narrative of Kanye West being seen as ‘crazy’ and I wanted people to revisit his music … I haven’t stopped playing Kanye West’s music here.”

Photo Credit: MEGA/GC Images on Getty