Kanye West’s Hideous New Yeezy Shoes Are Being Absolutely Dragged To Hell

"Kanye bout to have y'all wearing laundry bins for shoes."

kanye west yeezy shoes photo

Over the weekend, Kanye West jumped on socials to unveil his latest pair of Yeezy shoes — a white foam runner that cost $109 a pop.

The shoes sold out within a few hours of release, which is interesting when you consider they look like this:

Now, I’m not entirely sure what that is, but it sure looks like Kanye has inadvertently designed the most questionable crocs we’ve ever seen — and we’ve tried out Post Malone’s branded pair. The announcement was made just as Kanye unveiled a massive deal to promote his brand Yeezy through Gap stores — a collaboration called ‘Yeezy Gap’.

Predictably, the internet had an absolute field day.

This isn’t the first time Kanye’s designs have come under fire — his merch for last year’s album Jesus Is King had massive ‘graphic design is my passion’ energy, and was promptly roasted.

Shoes aside, it’s a big week for Kanye — this morning he announced a new album was on its way, titled God’s Country. The first single, ‘Wash Us In The Blood’, is reportedly set to arrive later today.

God’s Country is the followup to Jesus Is King, and will most likely continue West’s journey into gospel and Christianity. Read about Kanye’s musical evolution in our feature here.