Kim K Got ‘Rick And Morty’ To Make A Song For Kanye’s Birthday And It’s Very Odd

Rick thinks Kanye is "sexy and nice", which figures.

If you need a little something to tide you over while you wait for Rick And Morty‘s fourth season — and your stockpile of Szechuan sauce is running low — then slurp up the show’s fresh new content, a birthday song sung to Kanye West.

West, who turned 41 this weekend, is an established Rick And Morty fan. Last month on Twitter, he celebrated the news that it’s been renewed for 70 more episodes, saying he’d watched each episode six times.

Ahead of Kanye’s birthday, Kim Kardashian reached out to show co-creator Dan Harmon to create a song for him, and the result is as bizarre as you’d expect. Harmon sings in-character as both Rick and Morty as they break into Kanye’s bedroom, kiss him and steal his Yeezy sneakers and locks of hair for cloning.

Thankfully, Kardashian shared West’s present with the world, positing it on Twitter.

Over the weekend, West released Kids See Ghosts, an collaborative album with Kid Cudi. It comes exactly a week after ye, his eight album (with a very memeable cover) was released — early reviews are more positive than the middling ye, praising how the two acts balance each other out.

We’ll be hearing even more music from West soon too — last month, he announced his label GOOD Music would release five seven-track albums in five weeks. In addition to his own two albums, West produced Pusha T’s Daytona, as well as impending releases from Nas and Teyana Taylor.

Or you could just listen to this song on repeat.