Penny Wong Is Bringing The Kamala Converse To Parliament, And We’re Obsessed

Penny Wong channelling Kamala Harris on her birthday is exactly what we needed to carry us over to the weekend.

It was Penny Wong’s birthday on Thursday, and her ‘senate sisters’ Katy Gallagher and Kristina Keneally got her the perfect gift: a pair of converses, channelling newly elected US Vice President Kamala Harris who famously wears the sneaker instead of heels.

It’s no secret that female politicians’ choice of clothing has always been a subject of public scrutiny and opinion. What they wear says a lot about them, their politics, their priorities. Where the pantsuit is made, how much the heels cost, how bright the lipstick is, is all part of a curated and well-thought out image being presented to the public.

Incoming US Vice President Kamala Harris — no stranger to being first to achieve something — has become first to completely ignore all the rules of political fashion.

Rather than bright pantsuits and heels, she is setting a precedent for comfort, often attending rallies and public events in jeans and her signature converses, aptly dubbed the #Kamalaconverse.

And well, like any fashion icon, her signature shoes became the shoe of choice for her adoring fans. In the US, people went out to vote in their converses. Street style label Social Status and artist Nina Chanel even collaborated to design a converse inspired by Harris, in order to get out the vote.

Honestly, we can’t wait to see more women in parliament dressing however they please. And neither can the people.