Please Enjoy Kacey Musgraves Doing A Shoey Out Of A Glass Slipper To Satisfy Our Filthy Desires

The yee haw queen relented.

Kacey Musgraves shoey Australia photo

There are few Australian customs more baffling and alienating than the shoey.

We invite nice musicians that we like into this country, ask them to perform their beautiful songs for us, and then halfway through an intimate set that bonds performer and punters alike, we demand that they take off their shoe, pour liquor into it, and then drink it, like some kind of animal. It is weird, and it is gross, and we should really stop doing it.

Some performers, however, to their immense credit, know how to satisfy our bizarre and frankly controllable demands for alcohol-and-shoe-based stunts. Take, for example, the band Superorganism, who responded to demands for a shoey by days later appearing on triple j and drinking Fanta out of a (presumably clean) boot. Or take Kacey Musgraves, who has produced the classiest shoey imaginable during her Australian tour by supping tequila out of a glass slipper.

The finale to this Musgraves/shoey story is so welcome precisely because of how much national shame it has produced. A few days ago, an overeager punter began demanding that Musgraves take off her boot and yeet a whole bunch of VB into it, to the horror of the assembled fans of the country/pop superstar.

For Musgraves’ fans, it was rather like inviting the Queen over for a nice dinner, only to have your uncle demand that she strip down to her knickers and jump into the billabong, or take the quad bikes out for a spin with “the boys”.

But, thankfully, Musgraves knows that some nations have desires that simply demand to be sated, whether it be the frothing need Americans have to buy a semi-automatic machine gun from a grocery store, or Brazillians to demand that every artist in the history of recorded music tour their country.

We stan a yee haw queen, clearly.