We Want To Give You $5000 For Answering Some Questions About Life

It's seriously that easy.

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Junkee loves asking questions — we really bloody love it.

Each year, we ask our audience a stack of questions about life, the universe, and everything. We want to hear your opinions about Australian politics, what you think about climate change or finance or the concept of success, your hopes and fears, and what tops the list of ‘things you’re pretty damn worried about’. We can’t say it enough: We really love to hear what you think.

Usually, we wrap all of these questions into one big yearly survey, but we’re going to do things a little differently this year. Instead of asking you to wade through a hell of a lot of questions all at once, we’re going to make it a little easier for you. We’ve teamed up with a nifty brand called Wizer to build Junkee an app — an app through which we’ll ask you some questions. The best part of it is — it’s just one question per day.

Except, the actual best part of it is that if you answer a daily question you’ll go in the draw to win $5000 cash. Yes, that wasn’t a typo: $5000 cold, hard cash.

So, if you’re someone that likes doing a fairly easy task and potentially getting a lot of money for it, this is a seriously sweet deal for you. All you have to do is download the Wizer Junkee app here, and get the ball rolling. You’ll have until October 7 to sign up and get stuck in.

You can find the Junkee app right here!

Entry is only open to Australian residents who are 16 years and over. You can find a full list of terms and conditions right here.