Julia Jacklin Is Calling Out The ABC For ‘Validating’ Known Anti-Masker Ziggy Alberts

Alberts posted a series of Instagram stories in July in which he criticised the use of masks in controlling the coronavirus pandemic.

Julia Jacklin and Ziggy Alberts

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Sydney-based singer and songwriter Julia Jacklin has called out both the ABC and music variety program The Sound for hosting anti-mask, anti-vax performer Ziggy Alberts.

Taking on her Instagram story, Jacklin noted that while The Sound has been “really great in showcasing Australian talent over this difficult period”, she was dismayed to be on the same line-up as Alberts.

“I was pretty disappointed to see yesterday that Ziggy Alberts is on the same lineup as myself,” she wrote, calling out “his Insta posts about a mask mandate apparently stripping away his freedoms.”



The posts Jacklin is referring to were shared in July. In them, Alberts drew a connection between freedom from coronavirus restrictions and the freedoms that his great-grandfather, who “hid a Jewish family” during the Second World War, fought for.

“I don’t know,” Jacklin wrote. “There’s so many talented artists in this country right now and I wish that someone else had been given that spot and that money.”

Later, in a second Instagram story, Jacklin noted that she was not trying to commit a “cancel culture crime here”, and that Alberts would be “fine” with his many supporters. She merely wanted to draw attention to the way that the ABC appeared to be “validating” the artist.

Both the ABC and Alberts himself are yet to respond.