Joss Whedon Is Going To Direct ‘Batgirl’ And Everyone Is Fighting About It

Look, some good points here!

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Joss Whedon has been tapped to write and direct a big budget Batgirl movie, and oh boy does the internet have all sorts of opinions about this.

According to Variety, the man behind Buffy is “nearing a deal” that would see him jump over to the world of DC, which is a pretty big deal since he previously helmed back to back Avengers movies for Marvel Studios. It’s kind of like when Ryan Reynolds went from playing Green Lantern to playing Deadpool, if ya feel me?

Variety reports that the film will feature “other characters from the world of Gotham”, which presumably means Ben Affleck, and probably Margot Robbie too.

Whedon has a long history of writing female characters (see: Buffy, Firefly and the tragically underrated Dollhouse). Nevertheless, while plenty of people seem to like Whedon in the abstract, fans are also understandably irritated that Warner Bros didn’t think to hire a woman.

This of course led to people getting all out of sorts. Why shouldn’t a man be able to director a Batgirl movie?! It’s reverse sexism I tells ya!!

You’ve also got some people who just don’t think Whedon’s style would be a good fit for the DC Universe, which hey, fair play to them.

Of course it’s possible we’re all getting ahead of ourselves anyway…

In any case, the project is still in its very early days, with no on-screen talent attached as of yet. And hey, if nothing else, surely the film can’t be any worse than Batgirl’s previous big screen outing, in 1997’s notorious Batman and Robin.