‘Please Like Me’ Just Got Promoted To ABC From ABC2 And Released Its First Teaser For Season Three

They finally like him!

A few years ago, Josh Thomas’ now hugely popular show Please Like Me was shifted from ABC to ABC2 before its series premiere. Some speculated this could be because it was “too gay” for a mainstream audience, but ABC spokespeople defended the move arguing the show’s tone (funny and witty) and the issues discussed (sexuality, mental health, friendship and family) would better suit the younger demographic of the smaller station. Thomas remained unconvinced, joking it was either because “the show is a bit shit” or “has too much suicide and gay sex in it”.

Now — after two seasons, mass critical acclaim, an International Emmy nomination, and a huge US fan base thanks to the support of a new cable network — the ABC have changed their mind. They’re either out to prove they don’t have any problem with suicide or gay sex, have been lured in by the fact it’s their sister channel’s highest-rating scripted show, or are defiantly throwing in the towel. If the government’s gonna torture them for five years about a dumb question on Q&A, there’s really nothing else to be lost by letting Josh Thomas kiss a boy in a psychiatric care home.

To celebrate this big announcement, the show has also taken this as an opportunity to drop their first teaser for season three. It features Caitlin Stasey in a onesie, Josh Thomas holding tiny ducklings, and reassuring quotes from some legend called Get around it.

Season three of Please Like Me premieres on October 15 on ABC.

Feature image via Please Like Me, by Ben Timony.