Josh Thomas And ‘Please Like Me’ Just Got Nominated For An Emmy


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In kickass news for Australian TV, Season One of Josh Thomas’ vehicle Please Like Me has been nominated for an International Emmy for Best Comedy Series, with the winners to be announced in New York on November 24. Looks like the lovably awkward Thomas, who we interviewed back in August, is starting to get some international lovin’.

Please Like Me has struggled with Australian audiences, possibly because it’s on ABC2 instead of front-and-centre on ABC1, but international audiences can’t get enough of it. US cable channel Pivot championed the show from early on, and it got mad wraps from places like Slate and TIME Magazine, endearing Thomas to American audiences while Australian viewers were tuning out.

Now that Please Like Me has some international prestige, though, the great Australian habit of steadfastly ignoring local creative talent until they get discovered in America and pretending like we always loved them can begin the glorious cycle once again.

Any money that Australia will end up like this:

Any money. I will bet and/or fight you.

Incidentally, the finale of Season Two aired last night. Maybe bust out the old iView, hey.