Deputy Liberal Leader Josh Frydenberg Is Being Savagely Roasted For This Cringeworthy Video

Does... does Josh Frydenberg not know how to walk?

Josh Frydenberg roasted for cringeworthy video

Move over Scott Morrison. The Coalition has a new big screen charisma machine, and its Deputy Liberal Leader and boy who might one day grow up to be Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg.

For weeks, we’ve been laughing at Morrison’s cringe-worthy social media videos, which have combined the production values of a community centre orientation film with the easy-going charm of Scott Morrison. And yet somehow, on Tuesday, Frydenberg managed to limbo under that bar.

Behold, the worst 57 seconds of video ever produced.

I mean, where to even start with this thing? Is it the stilted delivery? The way the light shines off his forehead? The way he lurches towards the camera at the end there like he’s going to try and murder the viewer?

Does… does Josh Frydenberg not know how to walk?

Either way, the reviews have not been kind.