World’s Biggest Baby Jordan Peterson Quits Twitter After Being Called Out For Bullying Model

"Jordan Peterson took the time to share he didn't find a cover model attractive, doubled down, and then threw a tantrum and left Twitter when people pointed out that his glass house is very very glassy? Perfection."

jordan peterson

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World’s oldest baby Jordan Peterson has sensationally quit social media after being slammed for giving his unsolicited opinion on a Sports Illustrated model’s body.

For those unfamiliar, Peterson is most well-known for writing a book called The 12 Rules For Life — which apparently needed a follow-up with 12 More Rules For Life — and for giving his unsolicited hot takes on issues that never required his input.

Yesterday’s hot take, you ask? Well, Peterson took to Twitter to announce that musician and literal professional model Yumi Nu is “not beautiful” and “authoritarian tolerance is going to change that.”

Nu — who is clearly too busy with her successful music career and Sports Illustrated cover shoots to care what a man who ate nothing but beef cares about her — responded with a simple “hoes mad” tweet.

Naturally, Nu wasn’t the only person who slammed Peterson for his ridiculous, unsolicited and blatantly incorrect statement. However, when the internet responded to his attacks on Nu, Peterson quickly asserted that “Twitter is maddening us all” and announced he was quitting the website as a result of the “endless flood of vicious insults.”

The irony of Peterson complaining about vicious insults after attacking a woman completely unprovoked was not lost on the audience.

For those playing along at home: Jordan Peterson has tweeted 30 times since he announce he was quitting the website less than 24 hours ago. Go figure.