Please Enjoy Noted Buffoons Joe Rogan And Jordan Peterson Attempting To Discuss Climate Change

"There's no such thing as climate," Peterson says, with great confidence.

Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson

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It would be foolish to underestimate the impact of Jordan Peterson.

In essence, all the man does is recycle both Jungian dream analysis and basic self-help — the world is full of archetypes! Clean your room! There’s nothing particularly new about what he brings to the discourse. He’s just repackaging many years of anti-leftist, anti-postmodern discourse into a compact form that prioritises self-autonomy and encourages a distorted kind of independence that downplays the importance of community and societal factors, and imagines that we are each of us hermetically sealed against the world, doing our own thing without the intervention of those around us.

That’s Reagan-era economics. That’s Thatcherite thinking. That is as old as conservatism itself — its central tenet, writ large. But the important question is why his brand of self-determination is suddenly so popular. Is it that we live in a world that is increasingly and distressingly connected; where we know more about one another than ever before? Is it because the climate crisis is so clearly a challenge that requires collective action that we have retreated inward, giving up on a big problem so that we might try and work on smaller ones?

Perhaps. The only place we won’t get answers is from the mouth of Jordan Peterson himself, as the man’s recent appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast proves.

I mean, whatever sense that Peterson might present a unified front worthy of intellectual debate is instantly destroyed by the first words that come out of his mouth on Rogan’s podcast.

“There’s no such thing as climate,” Peterson tells a surprisingly susceptible Joe Rogan. “‘Climate’ and ‘everything’ are the same word…Climate is about everything. But your models aren’t based on everything? They’re based on a set number of variables. So you’ve reduced the variables, which are everything.”

“That’s what people who talk about the climate apocalypse claim, in some sense,” Peterson continues. “We have to change everything! It’s like, everything, eh? The same with the word environment. That word means so much that it doesn’t mean anything…What’s the difference between the environment and everything? There’s no difference.”

Well there you have it. Done. Sorted. No need to worry about the impending climate apocalypse. Jordan Peterson has us covered.