Everyone Is Understandably Horny About That Joyce And Hopper Scene

It’s been 84 years.

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Fans of Stranger Things simply love to ship Jopper — the beloved pairing of Hawkins cop Hopper (David Harbour) and Joyce (Winona Ryder). And those folks finally got their due.

— Warning: Spoilers for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 lurk below. — 

The two have been giving chemistry from Day 1, when a frantic Joyce stomped into Hawkins Police Station to alert Hopper that her son Will (Noah Schnapp) had gone missing. In retrospect, it was an inappropriate time to have chemistry! In any case, over four long seasons, the show was slowly setting the stage for the two to ride into the sunset together, and the final episodes of Season 4 the show finally gave the people what they want.

After earlier episodes of Season 4 saw Hopper being held in a Russian prison, Volume 2 sees him escape from the prison with Joyce’s help, and as you can imagine, the two end up making out in a Russian church. Very nice!

The scene also involved very thin and shirtless and Hopper, who now has scars all over his back and chest. Hopper then reveals he’d been dreaming of going on a date with Joyce, and all the breadsticks and lasagne it would involve, to which Joyce looked unimpressed. Lasagne is great though, to be fair. Re-live the moment below.

Please enjoy a compilation of horny reactions to the moment below.