Some Legend Edited Jonathan Swan Out Of His Trump Interview, And It’s Even More Horrifying

I can truly think of nothing worse than two Donald Trumps.

Jonathan Swan meme Trump

Yesterday, footage of Australian journalist Jonathan Swan interviewing President Donald Trump went viral for all the right reasons.

For lack of a better word, the televised sit-down interview was, simply, a train wreck.

But not because of AXIOS journalist, Jonathan Swan, who came to the table armed with all the right questions. Instead, watching the President of the United States try and stumble through justifying his country’s horrifying COVID-19 numbers was just beautiful to see.

Standing firm on his questions, Jonathan Swan was able to grill Trump better than anyone else has before. After challenging Trump on his confusing claim that the US COVID-19 numbers are “lower than the world”, Swan pointed out that the US death rate in proportion to population was actually terrible.

In response, a chart-wielding Donald Trump replied, “you can’t do that” and Swan responded “why can’t I?”

Truly incredible scenes.

Very quickly the almost satirical interview became a huge meme, with Jonathan Swan’s absolute face of confusion over Trump’s bonkers A4-printouts and incessant rambling taking over social media.

Luckily for us, the Aussie journalist simply wasn’t able to hide his genuine reaction to everything the President was saying. Swan’s visible confusion, disgust, annoyance and general disdain for everything he was seeing and hearing has now provided us all with countless reaction photos to use for the rest of time.

But the meme has now been taken to a new level, with a legend (Justin T. Brown on YouTube) actually editing together all the worst parts of the troubling interview. The result? Trump interviewing himself, which shows just how ridiculous all his answers actually were.

The scariest part of all, however, is just how real the spliced interview sounds with all the interrupting, paper rustling and Trump managing to talk over himself.

While the edited clip is no Jonathan Swan being visibly fed up with the President’s rambling, it sure does give Veep a run for its money.