The Joker’s Maniacal Laugh Has Become The Hottest Meme On Twitter

Wanna see Joker laugh like Seth Rogen? The internet has you covered.

Todd Phillips' Joker

The jury is out on the exact cultural impact of Todd Phillips’ Joker.

After all, to call the film’s response divided might be something of an understatement. Roundly dismissed by some critics, who consider it nothing but a grim attempt to jam the Clown Prince of Crime into Taxi Driver, and revered by others, the film is expected to make it all the way to awards season.

A Best Actor Oscar nomination for Joaquin Phoenix seems inevitable — but so, to be honest, does a Best Picture nomination, meaning that the exhausting conversation surrounding whether the film exposes or encourages dangerous men will continue for some time.

So, if we’re going to ride this burning train all the way till the end of the line, we might as well have some fun with it. That, at the very least, seems to be the opinion of the most creative denizens of the internet, who have transformed The Joker’s maniacal laugh into a bold new meme.

Of course, that laugh is the centre of the new film. In Phillips’ take on the character, Arthur Fleck can’t help his trademark giggle, which comes out more like a death rattle, and is chalked up as the side effect of an unspecified mental condition.

But in the hands of the internet’s funniest people, that laugh is something else entirely.

Feast your eyes and ears, for instance, on the Joker laughing like Peter Griffin of Family Guy:

The Joker laughing like he’s the love interest in an anime:

The Joker laughing like the irritating Janice from Friends:

The Joker laughing like Canada’s favourite comedian, Seth Rogen:

And, of course, Joker laughing like he’s Scooby goddamn Doo:

I mean, hell, if the memes keep being this funny, it’ll almost make the endless back and forth over the film worth it, right?