John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Slams Tony Abbott: “He’s Personally Insulted Everyone Else In The Country”


Most people know John Oliver for his work on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show — but at the end of April, he got his own program: the satirical weekly Last Week Tonight.

In the episode which just aired on HBO, there was an entire segment devoted to our own Tony Abbott. Cue: the national cringe. Abbott is introduced as a “hard-lined right wing Prime Minister, who rose to power promising to be pro-business and religiously anti-immigration. Literally: religiously anti-immigration.”

With a quote from Abbott to prove it — “Jesus knew that there was a place for everything and it is not necessarily everyone’s place to come to Australia,” Abbott says — the narrator skewers the hypocrisy of a national leader who claims immigration to be against Jesus’ way, even though he was himself born in London.

“What is it about Tony Dumb-Dumb that’s led to his current approval rating of 30%?” he asks. “Could it be that he’s personally insulted everyone else in the country, from women to gays to anyone remotely Irish to elderly cancer-ridden phone sex workers?”

And it only ramps up from there.

Tony Abbott – Last Week Tonight by Syd07

It’s not the first time John Oliver has taken aim at us. Last year he had a three-part series on The Daily Show, investigating gun control in Australia — and it’s well worth a watch.