This TikToker Recreates Famous Film Monologues In A Perfect John Mulaney Voice

John Mulaney really makes the speech from 'Hereditary' sound quite jaunty.

John Mulaney TikTok

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The thing about John Mulaney is that I love him and so does the world. He is an exceptionally popular comedian and he deserves to be, because he is very funny, and a great performer, and a sparkling ray of light that warms and illuminates me.

Mulaney is a stand up comedian and writer, best known for his time as a writer on SNL, and for his award winning comedy specials, such as The Comeback Kid and Kid Gorgeous, amongst many other very excellent and funny projects.

Part of his charm, apart from looking like a handsome 1920s newsie unstuck in time, is his extremely recognisable accent and cadence. Mulaney is from Chicago, but somehow manages to speak with a kind of timeless transatlantic accent instead of the “deep dish pizza brudder” stereotype. On top of that, he is a master of timing, and delivers his jokes in a conversational cadence that adds deeply theatrical stress to certain words and a somewhat flamboyant delivery.

Look, watch this particular favourite excerpt of his standup of mine.

No! Yessssss.

See! He’s extremely powerful at playing with his nice words and how he says them with his funny mouth — to the extent that he even imitates other people (Mick Jagger) and is recognisably JOHN MULANEY imitating others.

All which has lead to people enjoying the art of imitation of John Mulaney. I’ve seen quite a few people do it, and many of my friends have a good crack at it. But this TikTok user, Jacob @jfordridgway, is so good at stealing John Mulaney’s voice, that I suspect a sea-witch deal of sorts has been struck.

Jacob doesn’t just imitate Mulaney — he imitates John Mulaney performing iconic monologues from film and TV. And it’s seriously good.

Here’s the “cool girl” speech from Gone Girl. “Cool girl” he says, in the same way Mulaney starts sentence.

Or, you know, a classic of cinema — The Godfather. It just honestly sounds like a Mulaney bit, I’m waiting for the punchline.

Riverdale, for some reason, gets a lot of time, starting off with Jughead’s “i’m weird” speech:

but more importantly, the best Archie moment ever — the epic highs and lows of high school football.

John Mulaney in Legally Blonde? Yes please. Also Ben Shapiro is there (Jacob does really good Shapiro and Eminem impressions too, but we’re not here to talk about that).

But the one I watch OVER AND OVER again is when he does Toni Colette’s speech from Hereditary. WHY IS IT SUDDENLY SO JAUNTY? WHY AM I LAUGHING?

“Don’t you raise your voice at me, you little shit (deeply Mulaney) I am your Mother!”

Anyway, go follow Jacob on TikTok, he’s very funny.