Watch The Last Ever Episode Of ‘Clarke And Dawe’ Which Savages Fake News And Alternative Facts

The episode was filmed earlier this month and it is very, very funny.

A few weeks ago, popular satirist John Clarke passed away, prompting a huge outpouring of grief and appreciation for his contributions to comedy in both Australia and New Zealand.

In particular, his work as one half of Clarke and Dawe has been praised as some of the best political satire the country’s ever seen.

The final episode of Clarke and Dawe has now been released online with the permission of Clarke’s family and his long-time collaborator and mate, Bryan Dawe. Filmed in Melbourne on April 5, a few days before John Clarke passed away, the episode sees Clarke play a National Broadband Network employee who doesn’t really know anything.

“And what do you do there?” asks Dawe. “I explain to people why they haven’t got it yet or why it’s so slow,” says Clarke. “It’s very expensive, isn’t it?” says Dawe. “That’s another one we get a fair bit,” says Clarke.

It’s very good. You can watch the episode here.