Joe Rogan Thought Australia Was Making It Illegal To Grow Vegetables

"Dammit! It better not be fake! It might be fake."

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The fact-checker for the popular podcast series The Joe Rogan Experience evidently called in sick last week, giving the ex-UFC commentator the chance to wax lyrical about some supposed bio-security laws he fears are threatening Australia.

Not content with spreading misinformation about Australia’s lockdowns, Joe Rogan recently warned that lawmakers in New South Wales were trying to pass a bill that would “outlaw you growing your food in Australia”. Citing a headline he’d “read something briefly” about, Rogan claimed on his podcast that the new law would make it illegal for Australian citizens to grow fruit and vegetables.

Speculating that the law was a ploy by our tyrannical government (who Rogan routinely criticises for restricting private gun ownership) to place further control over our liberties, labelling Australian politicians as “fucking creeps”.

“We can’t have unchecked pig ownership! That’s not fair! What if your vegetables have diseases?” Rogan joked.

However, Rogan’s jokes at the expense of Australia would be short-lived, after trying and failing to find a single source of his ramblings.

Confessing that he “didn’t get into the article”, Rogan along with his producer spent an excruciating few minutes attempting to find the article online.

“It’s gotta be a real thing! It seems too good to not be!” Rogan said “I typed in ‘outlawed growing food in Australia’ and not a single thing pops up” an off-camera producer can be heard saying in the video.

“Yeah I can’t find it either. Dammit! It better not be fake! It might be fake,” Rogan admits.

“But even if it’s fake, right, the fake is usually like, the warning,” offers Rogan’s offsider Bryan Sharpe.

In an attempt to figure out just what the hell Rogan was going on about, senior reporter for at NBC Brandy Zadrozny tracked the source of the misinformation to a now-defunct website called Apex World News, which she managed to tie to a British-Zimbabwean evangelist.

So while we don’t have to worry about the government taking our crops anytime soon, I am extremely worried about the state of Joe Rogan’s news feed.