Everyone Is Dragging J.K. Rowling For Tweeting Transphobic Comments Yet Again

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JK Rowling

J.K. Rowling is facing backlash after posting several anti-trans Tweets to her millions of followers, just one in a series of similar posts by the author. 

In an amazing display of “not reading the room”, extremely rich white woman J.K. Rowling has decided that the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests and a global pandemic would be the perfect time for some more of her dumbshit thoughts about trans people.

It all kicked off when she took offence to an article headline that used the phrase “people who menstruate” instead of “women.” Rowling decided that out of all the issues going on in the world right now, this is the one that deserved to be commented on. Sure there’s systemic racism and people dying and protests and a pandemic, but language changing slightly in order to be more inclusive of the most marginalised people in the world? Simply must be stopped at once! Get on your Tweeting machine J.K., the world needs your thoughts on this. What Would Dumbledore Do! You’re a dementor! Other Harry Potter references!

Rowling has a history of receiving backlash for these kinds of remarks, but the latest ones have really caught on fire….like the goblet (does this work?). This is partly because these Tweets are the most direct she has been on this topic, but also because during a time where everyone else is speaking out about the Black Lives Matter movement, she is using her huge platform to spread misinformation and hate. This is especially galling because of the disproportionate way police violence impacts these communities.

Some celebrities were pissed off enough to join in on the dragging, including Sarah Paulson, Mara Wilson, and Tegan and Sara. Coincidentally, all of whom I would marry.

Several people took the opportunity to discuss how Rowling is shooting herself in the foot, with views that are out of step with what young people tend to believe.

And wondered why she simply doesn’t log off and enjoy the huge piles of cash she made from selling her books to an entire generation.

While some people think having too much money is actually the issue.

And some people are just having a wonderful old go at her. Which to me, is magic (harry potter).

In summation: J.K. Rowling should sort herself into the house of no wi-fi, so she can’t Tweet about this ever again.