J.K. Rowling Continues To Be The Worst With A New Transphobic Comment

She's facing major backlash on Twitter.

JK Rowling -- transphobe on Twitter

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JK Rowling is richer than God, she has an adoring and supportive fanbase, and has literally no reason to ever say anything in the public eye ever again. But instead of shutting up and eating her gold-plated food, Rowling has instead spent the last few years repeatedly and aggressively trashing her own legacy.

She’s retconned her Harry Potter novels in increasingly ludicrous and even allegedly offensive ways. She’s tried to throw interference in British politics by speaking out against the far-left of the Labour party, led by Jeremy Corbyn. And now, she’s outed herself as a massive transphobe.

It all started when Rowling took to her wildly popular Twitter account to weigh in on the case of Maya Forstater.

Forstater is a public intellectual who was fired from her job at a prestigious thinktank for publicly and repeatedly stating on social media that individuals can never biologically change their sex. In response to her firing, Forstater attempted to launch a legal case against the thinktank, using funds that she sourced from the public.

But the judged ruled against her case, stating that Forstater’s transphobic attitudes were “absolutist”.

That ruling has drawn a great deal of outcry from right-wing and TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) circles — and also Rowling.

Clearly, the Harry Potter author decided that this was the issue that should break almost a year of social media silence — she’s only used her Twitter to retweet charitable causes and the occasional article.

“Dress however you please,” Rowling wrote. “But force women out of their jobs for stating sex is real?”

Needless to say, Rowling and Forstater are both wrong on this issue — and that’s according to science. It’s been widely known that gender is a spectrum for at least a few decades. Rowling isn’t being some kind of forward-thinking progressive. She’s airing her ignorance.

Since deciding to tell the world just how little that she knows, Rowling has been greeted with widespread condemnation.

Just proves that old adage is true: never tweet (or be a transphobe).