Jim Jefferies Has Introduced The Rest Of The World To Pauline Hanson

The interview went...pretty much as you'd expect.

Jim Jefferies, why you gotta go and air our dirty laundry in public like that? Not cool.

In case you’ve missed it, Jefferies has been giving it a red hot go over the past few weeks hosting his very own late-night talkshow on Comedy Central. So far the most notable thing about the show has been that he somehow managed to convince Brad Pitt to cameo as his slightly psychotic weatherman.

But on this week’s episode, the Perth-born comedian brought out the big guns, introducing his American audience to our nation’s secret shame: Senator Pauline Hanson. In a brand new segment dubbed ‘Trumps Around The World’, Jefferies sat down for a one-on-one interview with the One Nation leader and it went…well, pretty much as you’d expect.

“We’re bringing in 190,000 immigrants a year,” Hanson told Jefferies. “It’s too many. We don’t have the infrastructure, the roads are congested.”

“Why don’t we bring some immigrants out to build them?” asked Jefferies.

Despite acknowledging that the world’s growing population meant that a greater number of immigrants needed a place to live, Hanson insisted that the rest of the world was not her responsibility.  “That’s their problem, not mine,” she said.

She also repeated her previous remarks that Islam was a disease that should be vaccinated against, and at this point I’d just like to tell any non-Australians who might be reading that we’re not all like this. I mean, quite a lot of us are, but some of us are actually very nice. Honest.

You can check out a short clip from Jefferies’ interview with Hanson below, and watch the full thing here.