The Logo For Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign Is Already Attracting 9/11 Conspiracy Theories


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Former Secretary of State, First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton dropped the most unexpected announcement in the history of anything this morning our time, releasing a video on social media officially announcing her push to become the Democratic nominee for the 2016 Presidential election. The video features testimonials from LGBT couples, small-business owners and working families paired with Clinton expressing inspiringly vague sentiments like “you can do more than just get by; you can get ahead,” and “When families are strong, America is strong!” Much wonder, so leadership, wow, etc. etc.

The reaction has been immediate and immense, with supporters, critics and freaks all taking to Twitter to express their hope, outrage or BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI.

Most depressingly, people have already begun to pick apart the Hillary for America logo, a blue ‘H’ with a red arrows as the crossbar. Besides the questionable symbolism of an arrow pointing to the right, and the fact that it looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint, Clinton’s detractors are already comparing it to another iconic American image; namely, the September 11 terror attacks.

Whether said critics are genuine 9/11 Truther nutbags or plain old conservative co-opting a national tragedy to yell at someone they don’t like is unclear at this point, but pretty deflating either way. Clinton is expected to admit the 9/11 homage in the next few hours, before withdrawing from the Presidential race in order to head up the Illuminati instead.