TikTok Has Rediscovered This Chaotic Jessie J Performance Of ‘Price Tag’

Who knew one performance could spawn so many memes?

jessie j tiktok photo

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Who knew one Jessie J performance could spawn so many memes?

10 years ago, Jessie J released her debut song ‘Price Tag’ into the world and it subsequently skyrocketed the popstar into mainstream success.

In December of that year, Jessie J performed the song for BBC’s Top of The Pops, and let’s just say something was in the air because there were a number of *choices* that were made during this rendition. You can watch the full performance here and see for yourself:

Well, fast-forward a decade, and TikTok has rediscovered the clip and all its chaotic glory. Specifically, TikTok is enjoying three moments from the Christmas performance.

There’s the “money-m-m-money-m-m-muhhney’ line in addition to the ‘music made us all u-KNIGHT’ line, but best of all, there is the ‘b-b-b-b-b-break it down’ moment.

Some TikToker’s are enjoying recreating the performance’s highlights:

Some are enjoying Jessie J’s random emphasis on the word “night.”

Some are pretending she’s actually saying the word ‘knight.”

Props for creativity, I guess!

Some are realising she sounds like the Airpods low-battery sound-effect.

Some are using Jessie J to poke fun at intense musical theatre performers…

Some are ranking all of the noises that Jessie J makes in the video.

You get the picture. Honestly, if this is proof of anything it’s that if something is ever online, it will never die. Also, Jessie J is insanely talented and I miss her.

This article originally appeared on Punkee.