The Trailer For ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Just Dropped And We’re Pumped

Season two hits Netflix in March.

Jessica Jones is absolutely the crown jewel in Netflix’s stable of Marvel shows. Now, some two years after the first run of episodes dropped, the streaming service has given us our first look at the foul mouthed, whiskey-swilling, super-strong private eye’s hotly anticipated second season. Hallelujah.

The first season of Jessica Jones was a critically acclaimed success, with audiences and critics digging the show’s dark, gritty vibes and the way it borrowed heavily from noir and detective tropes. With an excellent lead performance courtesy of Krysten Ritter, and a dramatic arc built around a deeply affecting battle of supernatural assault and consent, the series made Daredevil, Netflix’s other offering at the time, look melodramatic and contrived by comparison.

Since then, we’ve seen Jessica beat up ninjas as part of The Defenders. But although she certainly provided a much needed tonic to the overly earnest dudes that made up the rest of Netflix’s super-powered ensemble, the series was a far cry from the brilliance of her stand-alone show.

Thankfully, the wait for more solo Jessica is almost over. There’s not many clues in this first trailer as to the drive of the new season, except some murky hints that she might be investigating her origin and perhaps discovering how she gained her powers in the first place. Part of the brilliance of the first season was the deeply personal nature of her fight against Kilgrave (David Tennant), and we can only hope that the show doesn’t suffer without that conflict to anchor it.

As the only Marvel property in either movies or television to feature a female lead (so far, anyway), it’s particularly exciting that all 13 episodes of season two will be directed by women.

Also, check out this extremely cute Twitter conversation between The Defenders about the trailer. If only they had this kind of chemistry in the actual show…

Watch the first teaser trailer, below.

The second season of Jessica Jones will stream on Netflix, with all episodes dropping on March 8, 2018.