Olympic Legend Jess Fox Repaired Her Kayak With A Condom, Which Deserves Its Own Gold Medal

If Jess Fox can win gold with her condom kayak, there's no reason a man can say condoms "don't fit" ever again.

jess fox olympics kayak condom

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Australians have been absolutely raking in the Gold during the first week of the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Currently ranked in fifth place — just behind China, Japan, the US, and the ROC — Australia has nine gold medals under its belt, and an impressive 22 in total.

Six of these have come from our swimmers, including Ariarne Titmus who dominated the women’s freestyles events and managed to nab two gold medals while Americans were busy trying to cancel her very excited coach. The other three golds are spread across both rowing and canoe slalom, in a real water sports blowout.

But really, Australia’s gold medal tally should be 10 after Jess Fox shared her ingenious condom kayak repair hack.


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Jess Fox won both a bronze and gold medal in the K-1 and C-1 canoe slalom events this week, which requires a person to navigate through a whitewater course. Naturally, with all the upstream and downstream gates, kayaks get pretty beat up in the process.

So, ahead of the K-1 canoe slalom final, Fox shared how she had been utilising her share of the 160,000 condoms that were being given out at the Tokyo Olympic Village. You know, considering the presence of “anti-sex beds” and Japan’s growing cases of COVID-19 pretty much prevented them from being used the traditional way.

In the TikTok, Fox showed a condom being stretched over the end of a kayak to repair a broken tip. Once a carbon mixture was placed over the broken area, the condom was wrapped over the mixture to give the carbon a “smooth finish”.

“Bet you never knew condoms could be used for kayak repairs,” Fox wrote in the video. “Very stretchy. Much strong.”

After the condom kayak repair, Fox went on to win bronze in the K-1 canoe slalom final and managed to finally nab gold in the C-1 final.

So if a condom can successfully fit over a kayak — and be strong enough to repair it to win a literal Olympic gold medal — I don’t think you should ever let a man tell you condoms just “don’t fit” him. Ever again.