Jenny Slate Has A Comedy Special Coming To Netflix Soon, So Let’s All Watch It!

"Who gives a shit? Death will come for all of us."

Jenny Slate Netflix special

Jenny Slate, and I cannot stress this enough, has a special coming to Netflix soon.

It’s called Stage Fright, and the trailer begins with the comedian and actress confessing to having hectic stage fright before she performs. “I get such bad stage fright — it ruins my day, it fucks my body up.”

It foreshadows a confessional nature to the special, which continues with the comedian doing an incredibly wholesome impersonation of her own grandmother giving her some frankly delightful compliments.

Ugh, hook it to my VEINS.

But it also clearly has the hilarious chaos energy we know and love from Jenny Slate.

You could know Jenny Slate from all manner of things — particular favourites of mine include her role as Mona Lisa Saperstein on Parks and Recreation, her recurring characters on the Kroll Show, or her animated characters on Big Mouth and Bob’s Burgers. 

She was also a cast member on Saturday Night Live, and she’s been in films like Obvious Child. She does stand up and comedy! She does everything!

I’m also particularly fond of her tour de france performance as a reluctant scientist in the film Venom, with a performance that can only be described as “insanely camp”.

Anyway! We love her!

We’re so excited! Watch the trailer!

Everyone else is excited too!

Stage Fright hits Netflix on October 22. In Australia? Maybe.